Net Protectors
Net Protectors Model HD-SPN(New Style)&(Old Style)

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Court-1 manufactures two models of hockey net protectors,designed to fit Professional goal frames.These protectors are supplied complete ready for installation including lacing twine.

Model HD-SPN(New Style):
Shipping weight: 3 1/4 lb. / pair

Model HD-SP(Old Style):
Shipping weight: 3 1/2 lb. / pair

Frame Anchors
Goal Frame Anchors Model IA-100

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The secret's in the spike. Cleats at the base of our anchor posts freeze into the ice, semi-anchoring your goal frame.Your goal post slides over the spike anchor.Fits all standard goal frames.

Shipping weight 9 lbs. per set

Frame Anchor Sockets Model BAS-100 or BAS-2

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Ice hockey frame brass sockets with cap.

2-1/4"dia. x 6-5/8"

Shipping weight:11 lb. per set

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Frame Transporter
Frame Transporter Model HGT-100

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Makes light work of moving your hockey goal frames.Can be used on any size frame,without special attachments.Heavy duty steel tubing ,rubber wheels.

Shipping weight:
21 lb. per set

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Twine - Lacing and Repair Model BN - 3

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Our Braided nylon twine has been tested to 415 lb. breaking strain and 230 ft/ lb. runnage.

Shipping weight:
11 lbs per spool

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