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Marathon gym mats and landing surfaces are covered with either Gymtec-18(18 oz/yd²) or Gymtec-24 (24 oz/yd²) polyester reinforced coated vinyl with a leather grain finish and are available in the following colors.
Standard Options:
Royal Blue

These Vinyls Contain the Following Properties
Mildew -- Rot -- Water resistant -- Anti-Fungal -- Antibacterial
easily cleaned using mild soap and water -- Flame retardant
meets NFPA 701 standard and ULC S-109 large scale test
requirement for flame retardency

Physical Properties - Vinyl
Coated Fabric Gymtec -18 Gymtes-24 M-20UP M-20
Total Weight 18 oz/yd² 24 oz/yd² 20 oz/yd² 20 oz/yd²
Type of coating Polyvinyl Chloride Polyvinyl Chloride Polyvinyl Chloride Polyvinyl Chloride
Coating Distribution: 100% (one side) 100% (one side) 100% (one side) 50/50 (both sides)
Tensile (grab) 255 lb x 220 lb. / in 290 lb x 240 lb. / in 85 lb x 82 lb. / in 290 lb x 290 lb. / in
Tear (trapazoid) 80 lb x 58 lb. / in 80 lb x 75 lb. / in 23 lb x 22 lb. / in 80 lb x 60 lb. / in
Adhesion 25 lb. / in 25 lb. / in 13 lb. / in 25 lb. / in
Cold Crack -35ºC -35ºC -35ºC -35ºC
Mullens Burst Over 300 lb. / Over 300 lb. / Over 100 lb. / Over 300 lb. /

Mat Filler Material
Trocellen® , Marafoam #110 , #55 , #40 and 6 lb. re-bond foam , are the principal types of fillers used in the construction of Marathon Gym Mats.
Trocellen® Closed cell , cross linked polyethylene 1-1/4" thick , 2lb. density , used in our finest tumbling mats.Technically advanced cross-linking prevents structural breakdown and provides greater shock absorbency.
Marafoam #110 Open cell polyurethane , 110 ILD. Density 2.5 lb.
Marafoam #55 Open cell polyurethane , 55 ILD. Density 1.5 lb.
Marafoam #40 Open cell polyurethane , 40 ILD. Density 1.2 lb.
Marafoam: The perfect balance of weight , softness and shock absorbency.(ILD is a compression rating).
Re-bond Foam Open cell foam chips bonded together.Density 6 lb

Le Miracle® Fasteners
Patended 2" wide Le Miracle® fasteners allow mats to be fastened quickly and easily , end- to-end (V-2 models) or side-by-side(V4 models).Le Miracle holds mats secure and resists any lateral force to separate, yet one quick upward pull and mats detach.

Sewing Thread
Nylon Thread:T-135 (B/S 25 lbs.),is used in the construction of all our products.

*We reserve the right to change any specification or materials without prior notice.*


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