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Ball Machine - Lobmatic 4
Model LM -4
* 12 months warranty *

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The Lobmatic 4 Tennis Ball Machine includes a built-in random oscillator , spin adaptor and 80' remote pneumatic switch.The ball velocity can be adjusted from 25 mph to 70 mph with a ball delivery every 2.5 , 5 or 10 seconds.The ball reservoir holds 100 balls.

Aluminum and ABS construction.
Available either 110 or 120 V.

Optional extras:
Serving Arm ( Model SP-4)
Weatherproof Cover ( Model OC-4)

WT. 49 lbs.

Ball Basket  and  Ball Retriever

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Ball Basket     Model BB-70

Handles flip up for easy ball pick up.Simply flip down and lock into place for waist level dispensing.Holds 70 balls.
Color: Green

Ball Retriever    Model BR-40

Compact Unit.Same features as our BB - 70.Holds 40 balls.
Color: Red

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Push Dri
Model PD-5

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The " Push-Dri " water remover glides effortlessly across your tennis court surface in 60" sweeps.

Shipped complete with spare neoprene wiper blade.

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"Rol-sweep" Water Remover   Replacement Roller
Model RS

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Tennis court water remover dries your hard court quickly and efficiently.Produces a clean 36" wide sweep with our"SEAMLESS" foam roller.

Replacement "SEAMLESS" roller (Model RR) and nylon bearings (Model REC) available.

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Drag Broom
Model DB-1

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Aluminum construction with 7' brush.Double set of 4-1/2" long bristles designed to level and manicure your court.As it wears, reverse the handle and double the life of the broom.Flip brush over and you have a 7' straight edge for levelling.
Replacement brush Model (DBR-1) available.

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Court Valet
Model CV-50
* 36 month warranty *

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Attaches easily to your round or square tennis post.Large Valet Tray for personal effects with recessed holders for drink containers and hooks for towels or jackets.Fitted under the tray is a trash bucket which is easily removed for emptying.

Color: Black or Green

Model FB-50

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We offer a Fence Bucket and Replacement Bucket for our competitors unit (model RB-50).

Color: Black or Green

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Tennis Divider Nets and Curtains

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Divider Net  
 Model TDN-20 (#1420 - Black knotless polypropylene                               netting)
 Model TDN-15 (15 THD - Green knotted netting)

Nylon divider netting , 1-3/4" mesh.Ideal for stopping stray tennis balls.Bound all around with grommets every 18" along top.(Optional lead line can be sewn in bottom hem).

Vinyl Backdrop Curtains      Model VBC-20

20 oz. vinyl backdrop as used in many indoor tennis centers.Flame retardant , usually supplied in 10' heights by any length up to 75'. Grommets spaced 12" apart along reinforced top hem.
Standard color : Dark Green

* Hardware for installation of divider nets and backdrop   curtains sold separately
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Courtside Bench
Model BS-5/W          Model BS-5/G

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The " Courtsider " bench is 5' wide and constructed from maintenance free, high density polyethylene.Bench is easily assembled and can be bolted into place.

Color:White or Green

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Majestic Umpire's Chair
Model UC-200

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Sturdily built from steel tubing and natural wood.Easily assembled.Complete with writing shelf and stainless steel hardware.

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Score Keeper Deluxe
Model SK-10

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Clamps easily to any size of tennis post.
Complete unit comes with two sets of game numbers and name plate.

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Single Net Supports
Model SNS-100

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Aluminum net supports to provide correct net height of 42", 36" from outside of singles line for singles matches.
These new supports are colored black and white to blend with the tennis net body and headband.

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