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"Open Mesh" - Polyester
Model VP-6/G   and   VP-9/G (Grommets)
Model VP-6/S   and   VP-9/S (Snap -on)
36 months warranty against
peeling and cracking

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Coated Fabric

Total weight 9.0 oz.sq.yard
Type of coating Polyvinyl Chloride
Coating Distribution 50 / 50
Tensile (Grab) 230 lbs x 200 lbs/inch
Windbreak 75%
Standard Color Dark Green
Standard Heights 6' , 7' , 9'
Standard Length 60' (suggested maximum)

Hems and seams

Hems are (4) ply (see photo) and reinforced with heavy duty 18 oz. vinyl. Windscreen 9' high have center seam reinforced.Sewn with #7 all weather polyester thread

Brass , nickel plated spaced 12" apart on all four hems.Windscreen 9' high have (2) grommets spaced 2" apart every 5' on center seam.

Snaps spaced 18" apart on all four hems


Option available

Combination snaps and grommets(see photo).Wind vents (heat sealed) spaced 10' apart.Non standard colors and fastening devices.

Fastening devices for windscreening
Ty-Raps Model PNT.Black self-locking.
Braided Twine Model RT-3.Black 1lb. tube.
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Model PW-6   and   Model PW-9

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Dark Green knitted polyethylene U.V. stabilized.Windbreak factor 70%.Order 6' or 9' heights in rolls 120' long , complete with 300 pcs Ty-Raps.

The 9' screen has a reinforced center allowing you to install Ty-Raps that will prevent billowing.

This fabric can be cut and fitted on site for a perfect fit.The super-strong reinforced edge eliminates the use of grommets.Simply insert Ty-Raps every 12" though this edge top and bottom and every 6" on the sides.

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